Rooted in Hong Kong
Facing the Whole World

Kalong Express Limited was established in 1991. Along the years, it has established a good reputation for service quality, providing meticulous services to meet customer needs in all aspects. With the support of friends and customers, our business has experienced dynamic developments. The company relocated to the current office at Cable TV Tower, Tsuen Wan in 2000. While the office area increased by several folds, a warehouse was also set up on the same floor. Containers can be directly lifted up to the warehouse with the building’s conveyor, which is convenient and fast.

Kalong Express’s sea, land and air logistics transportation network covers major countries and cities around the world. Our veteran team and international partners provide reliable and far-reaching logistics services to customers.

The founder started his logistics business with his friends in the middle of the last century. In 1991, he established Kalong Express Limited in the Kowloon Bay commercial area.
Kalong Express Limited had been widely recognized by customers for its good reputation and professional services. To cope with business expansion and to meet customer needs, Kalong Express moved its office to Cable TV Building in Tsuen Wan and set up a warehouse on the same floor. The advanced conveyor system can directly transport the entire container to the warehouse, saving time and effort for customers and providing them with significant convenience.
The company’s business continued to grow and storage demand further expanded. A larger warehouse was rented on the same floor in Cable TV Building for management convenience.
The company is welcoming its 30th anniversary. Looking back, we would like to thank our customers for growing and establishing mutual trust with us over the past decades. We are determined to continue providing thoughtful logistics services to our customers.


Full Commitment to Service Excellence

With our multiple presences across Hong Kong, Mainland and Taiwan, Kalong Express provides efficient, quality and reliable composite professional logistics services, leveraging on modern technology. With the synergy of our industry experience and expertise, we actively create and enhance value for our customers as their logistics consultant. Growing closely with our customers, we put ourselves in their shoes and aim to excel – to do better and deliver faster than expected.


Keep up with Times
Strive for Perfection

With the rapid development of sea, land and air transportation, global logistics has become increasingly efficient and convenient. With the popularization of online shopping and the implementation of major development plans such as the Belt and Road Initiative, the global supply chain is undergoing rapid transformations, creating unlimited new business opportunities. The demand for logistics is going up in a geometric progression and the logistics industry is becoming increasingly challenging.

Leveraging on 30 years of rich experience, “serving the public” remains Kalong Express’ life-long mission. To keep pace with the times, we continue to introduce new technologies and expand our supply chain around the world, aiming to connect every single logistics chain seamlessly and perfectly.